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It's no secret that being wise with your water can save your business water, money and energy. Here are our top tips to help you do that.

Water efficiency tips for business customers

There are many reasons why you need to make the most efficient and cost effective use of water at your work premises.

The obvious saving is cost as you can save money on your water, wastewater and electricity bills.

Other benefits include:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Helping your business to comply with current and future environmental legislation
  • Improving your company's environmental performance
  • Generating positive PR

Your action plan to be water efficient


First, find out how much water your business is actually using. As you, along with most business customers, are on a meter, compare summer and winter bills from the past couple of years.

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If your business uses water for staff use in kitchens, showers, toilets and general use, fit sensors on taps and urinals to stop any unnecessary waste.

Are any of the taps dripping or leaking in some way? If so, they should be fixed immediately. One dripping tap can waste up to 60L of water a day, the equivalent of seven bath tubs.


If possible, turn off all the taps on your premises and then go and have a look at your water meter.

Are the numbers still moving on the display?

If they are, you may have a leak on your supply pipe. Check for more finding leak tips here .


Is your business compliant with Part G of the Water Fittings regulations?

This is a legal requirement. For more details click here


Set staff targets and encourage everyone to use water wisely. Put up posters around your business and encourage everyone to meet a specific reduction target, or to do things like use the eco settings on washing machines and dishwashers, as well as using the single flush on staff toilets.


Once you've engaged staff and made changes, measure how much water has been saved by the improvements made.

To do this compare your old water bills to the new ones.

Get your hands on some water saving freebies

We're offering all of our business customers the chance to cut their utility bills with our free water saving gadgets.

Why not order your free gadgets below and join other businesses who are already saving water, energy and money?

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